Fun for beginners on the mountain or in the valley
It’s up to you! You start in the valley and switch directly to the ski lift or you begin in the Skikinderland area near the mountain station.

Ski beginners and slightly advanced skiers

Because every pro started small

We offer to all of you the ideal opportunities to learn skiing.
The new magic carpet in the valley is easily accessible on foot next to the Ratschings-Jaufen valley station. Beginners can easily get a taste of skiing here, while those returning to the sport and those with a little more experience can brush up on what they have learned. You start on the magic carpet and then you continue your course or private lesson directly at the ski lift without any detours. Let’s start together the ski experience!

In the ski area you learn to ski in a playful way.
On request, there is a large ski area next to the mountain station - here you can also learn to ski in a playful way. On four different levels, the slope is always suitable for your ability. Close to the four magic carpets, there is an exciting forest path. The magic of the forest leaves every child amazed and awakes further curiosity.

Safety and professionalism are always the top priority.
Luisl’s Ski & Snowboard School
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